• TOP-7138G
    • Application : For rigid PVC Injection products
    • Main Components : Ca, Zn and organic stable compounds
    • Appearance : White to straw yellow powde
    • Specific Gravity : 1.02-1.12
    • Water Content : Less than 5%
    • Meltdown Range : 80℃-150 ℃
    • Non-toxic stabilizer, no harmful heavy metals, can replace conventional stabilizer.
    • Good initial coloring and long-term heat stability.
    • Promote toughening and melting ability, plastic flow is good, no precipitation.
    • Excellent thermal stability and lubricity, good light stability and sulfide pollution resistance, can improve results outdoor products.
    • Good dispersion, improve color, appearance and firmness of product.
    • Coupling has a unique role, to give a good filler dispersion, enhance the package with the resin, enhancing the performance and reduce mechanical wear, extending equipment life; both toughening and to promote melting, plastic fluidity.
    • Can increase the extrusion rate, increased melt strength, excellent weld ability and impact strength available for environmental PVC products, such as sheet and profiles.
    • All finished products meet RoHS, REACH, EN71 , EN1122 , EPA 3050B, FDA 21CFR.
    • 172 888 standards etc by SGS. And China Rigid Profile Standard GB8814-2004.
    Raw material PVC AIMSTA-7138G Impact Modifier TiO2 PCC Lubricants
    Dosage 4-6 0-6 1-3 ---- 10-15 0.5-1.5
    A.mixing process data:
    Heat temperature:115-125℃
    Cold temperature:40-50℃
    B.Extrusion process:
    Barrel Zone 1 Barrel Zone 2 Barrel Zone 3 Barrel Zone 4 Confluent Cell Mold Head mouth model
    160-165 160-165 170-175 170-175 150-160 190-195 192-198