• TOP-6382
    • Product Model : TOP-6382
    • Main Components : Ca, Zn and organic stable compounds
    • Appearance : White to straw yellow powder
    • Water content : Less than 2.5%
    • Meltdown Range : 80℃-150 ℃
    • Non-toxic stabilizer ,no harmful heavy metals. excellent initial color, excellent electric property, good for heat stability Congo Red time , be in common use for white and black products.
    • Suit for soft, half rigid wire cable, Environmental friendly, Non-toxic PVC production, such as wire cable, films and so on, through SGS test, meets European ROHS standard, meets EN1122,EPA 3050B,FDA 21CFR,172 888 and series standard in the world.
    • Suit for J-70,H-70,UL60~105 wire and cables.

    According difference heat resistance with dosage 3-6 stabilizer, suggest mix wise use light calcium carbonate and heavy calcium carbonate in white and light color products .

    material PVC plasticizer ESBO stabilizer Calcium carbonate Internal lubricant External lubricant pigment
    matching 100 suitable 4-6 3-6 30-60 0.4-0.6 0.4-0.6 suitable