• TOP-6122
    • Product Model : TOP-6122, Ca, Zn and organic stable compounds
    • Appearance : straw yellow paste
    • Specific Gravity : 1.02-1.12
    • Water content : ≤ 2.5%
    • Non-toxic stabilizer, no lead, cadmium harmful heavy metals.
    • Good transparency, good initial color, good dynamic processing performance ,Good in chemical resistance and oil resistance , no bad smell , With dynamic lubrication balance.

    Environmental-friendly non-toxic PVC film, plastic toys, through SGS test, meets EN71 , EN1122, EPA 3050 B, U.S. food hygiene law FDA 21 CFR.172888 series standard in the world.

    Especial suit for high transparency PVC products ,such as transparent wire cables , food packing film and so on.

    Raw material 100PHR
    Plasticizer 40-80PHR
    ESBO 3-5PHR
    stabilizer CZ-6122 2-4PHR
    Lubricant LB-710 0.2-0.3PHR

    Adjust according to the specific product in processing machine