• TOP-5096
    • range of application : Suit for rigid PVC profile of high shear model
    • Main Components : Ca, Zn and organic stable compounds
    • Appearance : White to straw yellow powder
    • Specific gravity : 1.02-1.12
    • Water content : Less than 2.5%
    • Meltdown range : 80℃-150 ℃
    • Non-toxic stabilizer, no harmful heavy metals,replace traditional stabilizer,safety and sanitation,Good for the environment protection.
    • Excellent initial color,long-term heat stability.
    • Both toughening and melting plasticization, good fluidity, no plates out.
    • Good heat stability and lubricity,good optical stabilization,resistance sulfide pollution ,improve products outdoor performance.
    • Good dispersion, improve color, appearance and firmness of product.
    • Coupling has a unique role, to give a good filler dispersion, enhance the package with the resin, enhancing the performance and reduce mechanical wear, extending equipment life, both toughening and to promote melting, plastic fluidity.
    • Improve high-speed extrusion,Enhanced melt strength, excellent welding performance and impact strength.
    Suit for rigid environmental PVC products,such as profiles。Through SGS test, meets ROHS,EN71,EN1122,EPA 3050B, FDA 21CFR .172 888 series standard in the world.meets China Rigid Profile Standard GB8814-2004.

    Suggested formula:

    Raw material PVC 5096 Impact modifier ACR TiO2 Precipitated calcium lubricants
    dosage 100 3.5-5 8-12 1-3 4-6 10-15 0-0.5

    Suggest process:

    A.mixing process data:
    Heat temperature:115-125℃
    Cold temperature:40-50℃
    B.Extrusion process:
    Screw cylinder 1 zone Screw cylinder 2 zone Screw cylinder 3 zone Screw cylinder 4 zone Confluent cell Mold head Mouth model
    160-165 160-165 170-175 170-175 150-160 190-195 192-198
    20 kg/ Bag