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    Your Top Option chemical partner in China.

    TOPTIONCHEM is dedicated to environmental friendly chemicals . Such as Encapsulated Gel Breaker、 Bio-based Succinic Acid series、nontoxic environmental PVC stabilizer , etc.

    Encapsulated Gel Breaker
    Bio-based Succinic Acid series
    nontoxic environmental PVC stabilizer

    TOPTIONCHEM ,specialized in Encapsulated?Gel Breaker. It is widely used on Petroleum Hydraulic Fracturing field to low the viscosity of the Guar Gum.Our annual capacity is 4000MT, can assure your supplyment.We have ?perfect lab test equipment , such as Grace M5600, assure good quality control.We can customize the Gel Breaker according to your demand on temperature and break time.

    TOPTIONCHEM has the patent technology to produce bio-based succinic acid,succinic acid sodium, by biological fermentation and to produce bio-based PBS biodegradable plastic using succinic acid as raw material. We adopt new technology of biological strain fermentation which is green, pollution-free and non-toxic from the raw materials, production process to finished products.

    TOPTIONCHEM also focus on non-toxic PVC Additives , with self-innovated technology; national advanced lab and equipment,professional R&D and technique team. It can be widely used for wire and cables,pipe and fittings,window profiles,ceilings and flooring,foaming boards,injection and transparent products etc; meets RoHs and REACH,satisty UL/GB/VDE/CEEI/T-MARK/NBN/JIS/FDA standards . We Serve and provide environmental friendly PVC solutions.

    Nicotine , ?is a new product developed by our company in recent years, with a monthly output of 20 tons.It is used for making e-cigarette, e-liquid, cigarette flavoring agents,manufacturing weight-loss drugs, smoking cessation drugs medicine; essence and flavor, cosmetics, animal feed additives, insecticide, and other chemical and biochemical reagents.

    TOPTIONCHEM also relys on local resource advantages,deals inCalcium Chlorride、Barium Chloride、Sodium Metabisulphite、Sodium Sulphite、Soda Ash、Sodium Bicarbonate,etc. We are a comprehensive service provider in chemical field,specializing in sourcing, marketing and consulting related activities.

    "Survived with quality and developed with Credit",to seek the business goal of the best products, the highest cost performance,the best service , and the best satisfaction.